To our trusted clients and collaborators:

Resiliency is a central theme in our design and practice. We understand the importance of remaining responsible to our clients and community through unexpected changes in the status-quo. In an effort to establish clear communication regarding the effects of COVID-19 on our mission to serve our clients and continue working with our industry partners, Saiki Design has implemented the following practices:

  • Working remotely as much as possible but at the individual discretion of our team members.
  • Encouraging remote collaboration instead of face-to-face meetings
  • Understanding that each individual within our organization faces unique challenges, we are working together to support them and our community at this unprecedented time.
  • Postponing non-essential business-related travel.

With 25% of our staff already working remotely for multiple years, we feel confident in our ability to continue to serve our clients and work alongside our industry partners while helping to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

We will continue to keep communication lines clear as events unfold. If you have any specific questions or concerns about your project, please feel free to reach out to Ken Saiki (ksaiki@ksd-la.com) or Abbie Moilien (amoilien@ksd-la.com).


The Saiki Design Team